ROTAS Association tries to provide resources and information necessary for educating children from poor, disadvantaged families, sometimes monoparental, who need education and help with sanitation (washed, trimmed, clean clothes, personal hygiene items), integration into the education system (registration papers, discussions with authorities, councelling,monitoring), help with homework, paying for education costs and basic needs, provision of medical service by partners when necessary.

Also for the parents of these children without financial resources or insufficient resources ( sometimes illiterate), who wish to send their children to kindergarten and school, we provide advice and support for setting up documentation to ensure continuity of education of their minor children into the education system and they realize the rights and obligations in relation to their children.

 Any contribution will be invested for the benefit of the children to improve their living.

First Year Results (2015): 3 children enrolled in the kindergarten and 6 children supported to attend school. Three of them attended the center daily for help with lessons.

The results of the second year of operation (2016):

- 15 children enrolled in the kindergarten, supported by clothes, footwear, sanitary items. 13 attended the prolonged kindergarten, ROTAS covering the kindergarten payment, facilitating free food vouchers for those who attended the kindergarten without absences.

- 16 children enrolled or maintained by ROTAS at school (papers, mediation with school), of which 13 benefit, in addition to clothes, sanitary items, etc. of help with lessons at the ROTAS Center.

- 26 children attending school have benefited from lecture support with ROTAS specialists at the Dimieni Social Assistance Center.

Depending on your time and resources YOU CAN ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO A CHILD EDUCATION donating:

  • money in the bank accounts below

RO51INGB0000999905358273 Lei

RO64INGB0000999905358330 Euro

  • children and their families useful items: clothes, shoes, household items, small furniture, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, toys, etc. – to this end call us at tel: 0040723287798;
  • hours spent with children to help them with homework, to teach them poetry, of reading a story to them,go  in the park - basically to participate in activities as a ROTAS volunteer.


have benefited from lecture support