A few years ago we moved to Tunari village, just 4 km from Bucharest, wanting to live in a quieter area with a little yard for our children. Very quickly we realized that some children live in poverty here, in areas where no running water or sewerage exists, and in the morning on the way to work  we often saw  barefoot children carrying water when outside were -2 degrees.
In this sad context we started to help them with clothes, food and other items but we understood that these actions failed to break the circle of poverty: lack of education perpetuates poverty by limiting the access of the adult employment and poverty restricts children's access to education. It is obvious that a hungry child can not be attentive during the lessons, a barefoot or dirty child will not integrate in kindergarten / school, a child who does not attend zero class, will hardly cope with first class, and if parents are illiterate then almost certainly he will not finish second grade. Without access to education, children will be condemned to follow the same path as their parents bordered by poverty, illiteracy and sometimes crime. 
Motivated by the situation of these children and the desire to give something back to the society that helped me to develop myself, the establishment of the Association for development ROTAS came as a natural desire to provide an alternative in the long term to these children to introduce them in a world in which to have winter boots is usually and not a dream. ROTAS Association aims to provide to underprivileged children in Tunari a chance at a normal education, with which they can later build a better future.